Partners' History:

  • The South Valley Partners for Environmental Justice (SVPEJ) is a project funded by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS). Since 2001, the project has strived to address environmental health threats to South Valley residents by bridging communication gaps between the community, environmental health researchers and agencies, and health care providers. By using a combination of provider, community organizers, and community-based trainings, the SVPEJ has increased our community's capacity to identify and respond to environmental health concerns. The SVPEJ encourages involvement from the community to improve and protect our community's health by using an interactive approach.

    The three partners are:

    1. The Río Grande Community Development Corporation (RGCDC), whose role is to increase community capacity to identify, eliminate or reduce environmental health risks for South Valley residents, and to provide project coordination and oversight.

    2. The Bernalillo County, Office of Environmental Health (BCOEH), whose role is to provide technical assistance, assist residents with policy development, and act as liaison between planners and community organizers.

    3. The University of New Mexico Community Environmental Health Program (UNM/CEHP), whose role is to provide interdisciplinary environmental health education to community residents, community organizers, and health care providers and to assist with community-based research and resulting actions.